Lunch Specials – $7.95

Mon - Fri 11:00 am - 2:30 pm

Served with Appetizer & Soup, choice of Jasmine Rice, Chicken Rice, Coconut Rice, or Fried Rice

    • Lunch Specials

    • Orange Chicken

    • General Tso Chicken

    • Curry Mixed Vegetables

    • Curry Chicken/Shrimp

      Cooked brown onion, lemongrass & chili paste simmered in rich coconut gravy

    • Hainanese Chicken (with skin & bone)


      Steamed chicken with chef's special soy sauce

    • Sesame Chicken

    • Kung Pao Chicken/Beef/Shrimp/Tofu

    • Mongolian Chicken/Beef

    • Triple Delight

      Chicken, beef, shrimp & selected vegetable with brown sauce.

    • Dragon Phoenix

      Stir-fried chicken, shrimp & vegetable with light ginger white sauce

    • Seafood Delight

    • Lo Mein Chicken/Beef/Shrimp/Vegetable

    • YuShan Eggplant/Chicken

    • Spicy Fish (Sauce/Dry)

    • Sweet & Sour Chicken/Shrimp/Fish Fillet

    • Chili Chicken/Tofu

    • Pepper Chicken/Beef

      Stir-fried mushroom, snow pea, bell pepper and carrot in black pepper sauce

    • Mango Chicken/Shrimp

      Stif-fried bell pepper and fresh mango in sweet & sour sauce

    • Pork Chop


      Seasoned with lemongrass and ginger slowly grilled to perfection

    • Thai Basil Chicken/Beef

      Sitr-fried basil leaf with vegetables and fish sauce

    • Panang Curry Chicken/Tofu/Beef

      Thai panang curry with rich peanut and coconut sauce

    • Yellow Curry Chicken/Tofu/Beef

      Sautéed with vegetables in yellow curry sauce

    • Green Curry Chicken/Tofu/Beef

      Sautéed with vegetables in green curry sauce

    • Penang Spicy Chicken/Beef

      Stir-fried with mixed vegetables in Penang style spicy sauce